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Size Chart

Please note this is meant as a guide only, actual garment sizes can vary according to brand. If you are in any doubt please Contact Us.

SIZE Waist Chest Collar
Medium 32-34" (81-86cm) 34-36" (86-91cm) 15-15 1/2" (38-39.5cm)
Large 36-38" (91-96cm) 38-40" (96-101cm) 16-16 1/2" (40.5-42cm)
XL 40-42" (101-107cm) 42-44" (107-111cm) 17-17 1/2" (43-44.5cm)
2XL 44-46" (111-117cm) 46-48" (117-122cm) 18-18 1/2" (45.5-47cm)
3XL 48-50" (122-127cm) 50-52" (127-132cm) 19-19 1/2" (48-49.5cm)
4XL 52-54" (132-137cm) 54-56" (137-142cm) 20-20 1/2" (50.5-52cm)
5XL 56-58" (142-147cm) 58-60" (147-152cm) 21-21 1/2" (53-54.5cm)
6XL 60-62" (152-157cm) 62-64" (157-162cm) 22-22 1/2" (55.5-57cm)
7XL 64-66" (162-167cm) 66-68" (167-172cm) 23-23 1/2" (58-59.5cm)
8XL 68-70" (172-177cm) 70-72" (177-182cm) 24-24 1/2" (60.5-62cm)

If you don't have a tape measure you can use our handy print out and stick together tape measure...

Simply print out the document, then cut along the dotted blue lines, then stick the pieces together (preferably with sticky tape) in order, placing the next piece over the overlap area indicated.

We at Big Mens Large Clothes specialize in large men clothes and always strive to satisfy our customers. If there are any type of clothes for big men or large men that we haven't included then please feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to help you out.

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